Le pilier Franco-Belge

This fairly easy but unique route starts inside the cave (la Baume Escure) on the right bank of the Chassezac river. It traverses to the right into a kind of tunnel that leads to the first belay chain outside of the cave. The exciting nature of this pitch is the fact that there is a big crack all along the tunnel floor and the ground underneath is sloping down. The second pitch leads up the pillar on very solid rock with big holds. Descent by abseiling.

Crag: Chaulet (Ardèche) FRANCE

Sector: grotte de la Baume Escure (cave)

Grade: L1 5c (5.9) L2 4c (5.6)

Length: L1 20 meters L2 20 meters (abseil 28 meters)

Protection: L1 resin bolts + belay chain L2 resin bolts + belay chain

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