About us

Who are we? …. christian climbers?

Most of our visitors won’t need an explanation for “climbers”. Sure, we love to hang out in the beautiful nature God has created for us. Mountains, crags, cristal clear rivers …. what a joy …what a playground.

Christians are people that are followers of Jesus Christ because they:

  • Believe what Jesus Christ said about Himself: ‘I am the Son of God’ (Gospel by Luke 22:70).
  • Acknowledge that they are not quite like God (rather the opposite… not holy, but sinners).
  • Know they were separated from the Holy God by their wall of sins.
  • Believe that Jesus Christ payed the price (punishment) for their sins. He gave His live, being innocent, at a cross.
  • Accept Jesus’ sacrifice and therefore do not have to pay the price for sins (which is eternal separation from God).
  • Know that they have eternal live and this is so great that.. they want to share this GOOD NEWS with other humans especially fellow climbers.