About Christian Climbers

As climbers, we love to hang out in nature. Mountains, crags, crystal clear rivers …. what a joy …what a playground. So beautiful even though this is only the leftovers, the ruins after the great flood.

As Christians we are thankful to be followers of Jesus Christ, we:

  • Believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
  • Know that we are not quite like God, rather the opposite… not holy, but sinners. Our sin separated us from the Holy God.
  • Believe that Jesus Christ paid the price (punishment) for our sins. He gave His life, perfect and innocent, at the cross for our redemption and rose from the dead.
  • Accepted Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins. Therefore we do not have to pay the price for sins (eternal separation from God).
  • Know that we are forgiven, reconciled with our God, and have eternal life.
  • Want to share this GOOD NEWS with other humans, especially fellow climbers.

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