Bramois (Switzerland)

Location: Bramois (Wallis, Switserland).

Map: National map 1306 Sion or TopoRando Val d’Hérens

Family rating: excellent

Climbing area in the canyon of la Borgne. Thanks to its location in the canyon and the presence of trees and river, the climate in very nice, even on hot summerdays. Very nice place for the kids to climb and cool down in the (cold!) water.

The “secteur Dièdre noir” is at the level of the river, has a very nice broad and flat riverbank = perfect picknick place and children playground.

Warning: the canyon is used as a military shooting range! The canyon is closed on shooting days.

Access: Easy access. 10-30 min walking from parking. Crossing the river is easy at the beginning of the canyon (bridge) or some 400m further by using the barrage (fixed rope/chain in place to do it safely).

Topo guide: “Escalade en Valais Central” or “Schweiz plaisir WEST 2012”

Best season: Spring-Summer-Autumn.

We have only experience in summer. Though temperatures in summer can rise above 30°C in the Sion valley, the climate in the canyon is cooled by the trees and cool river water. The canyon is relative narrow and directed north-south, making exposure of the crags to sun limited.

Routes: About 155 routes spread over 10 sectors. Difficulties ranging from 3 for to 7C+. Bolting is perfect on a solid quartzite rock. Mostly single pitch routes, but some multipitch lines are available (up to 180m).


Several camping grounds in the area, however you’ll need a car.

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