Ailefroide for kids

Sous la fissure: Nice dark granite slab. Well protected from rockfall. Majority of routes are in grade 3 and 4. Bolting adapted to the size of the small giants :-). Perfect for families with little kids. Some very easy lines for the children, some 2-3 pitch climbs for the more experienced to get used to friction climbing and multipitch climbs. Mosquitoes and the afternoon sun (hits the bottom of the surface around 1pm) are the biggest danger out here.

Les Etoiles: Nice and clean slab at the foot of Mont Pelvoux (3946 m, the first 500m can be climbed in a very nice multipitch line/ Riviere Kwaï. A must do!). About 15 lines perfectly bolted. The top belays are easily accessible, which is very useful for teaching purposes. Depending on the snowfall in winter and temperatures in summer, there can be a small snowfield at the bottom of the slab. Big fun! But sometimes difficult on climbing shoes.

Ecole Buisonière: A 4-year toddler can learn to lead here starting at grade 3. If he/she is growing in technique and confidence, bolting is adapted with climbs up to 6a. The bigger brothers can try 5a-6a around the corner (Greenpeace), and there is 7b and 8b a little bit lower (Rainbow Warrior).

Draye: 80 routes from 4c up to 7c, most in grade 5 and 6. Wall facing west = can become hot in the afternoon. Remember you are in alpine environment! Kids can play here, but should not wander to far off. Wearing a helmet can be useful here.

Petittes Dalles: Very good training in slab climbing! Perfect playground under the trees at the bottom of this slab. Very easy to access. Grandma can come here pushing the pram with the youngest. Had enough exercise on maximal friction on your feet? Fingers and arms can be trained on the thousands of boulders scattered around here.

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